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Internet of Things

NORM Company is looking for experts in the field o...

Stanisław Ulam’s birthday anniversary

On 13th of May 1909 in Lwów Stanisław Ulam, Polish...

Stefan Banach’s birthday anniversary

On 30th of March 1892 in Krakow Stefan Banach, bri...

NORM – Information Technologies Support & Investments designs and builds user-oriented IT and telecom tools to ensure effective operation of industrial businesses, laboratories and research entities. We support the development of innovative technologies and projects.

Norm Access Manager

Norm Access Manager designed by NORM offers privileged control of mobile devices, which are turned into safe work tools at the hands of engineers, technicians, or sales forces. We invite you to explore the product. Free NORM Access Manager demo can be downloaded from Google Play.
NORM Access Manager can be bought at You can also contact us.

Energy Efficiency – smart metering

We are focused on Smart Metering systems dedicated to electric power engineering and other industry sectors where smart metering solutions are in demand.

Energy Efficiency Questionnaire

User-oriented Applications and Databases

We work on projects centering on the creation of applications supporting the management of industrial plants and various data analyses, including industrial and technological data, scientific and laboratory data, and data used for inventing marketing strategies in business.

IT Security

We run IT analyses and tests, create IT and telecom solutions to increase the levels of IT security.

Investments in Technologies and Innovations

We provide professional and financial support for innovative technology projects.